We invite you to join in our free Drub-dhe Meditation Practice

Dear Students, Friends and those interested in the Tibetan Spiritual Tradition,

I am writing to you personally to invite each and every one of you — students, family, and friends — to join in the warmth and fellowship of our free Dzogchen Ngon-dro meditations, which take place at our local Drub-dhe center every Wednesday evening throughout the year.
All are Welcome!
— Lama Phuntsog Tashi Khyimsar
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Lama Khyimsar RinpocheThe aim of the meditation is to provide those who attend the Lama's teachings the opportunity to practice the teachings that they have received in a friendly and supportive environment. A warm welcome is also extended to any member of the general public (regardless of faith, race or gender) who is interested in learning more about the teachings of Yungdrung Bön.

One does not require to have had any previous experience or knowledge of the tradition or to commit oneself in any way. All meditations and practice sessions are led by students in turn as advised by Khyimsar Rinpoche. When in town, Rinpoche himself presides over the practices and gives teachings/commentaries on various levels.

Miami meditations and monthly one-day meditation are lead by Umzey (Prayer leader) appointed by Lama Phuntsog Tashi Khyimsar.

See the TYBI schedule for dates and time.

Please keep in touch with USA Umzey-la Marcos Tobdhen Tsering by phone or text at 305-301-3738 or by e-mail regarding any of the practices held at the Miami TYBI Drub-dhe Center.

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