About Lama Khyimsar Rinpoche, continued (4)

Both parents of Lama Phuntsog Khyimsar told that when his father (who was then called Sherab Wödszer) was 8 years old and was seriously ill, his parents (Lama Khyimsar Rinpoche’s grandparents-Jowo Ngo-drub) approached Tshampa Yungdrung Wangyal for help.

The Lama then performed the Namgyal Yang-drub Rite and changed Lama Khyimsar’s father’s name from Sherab Wödszer to Namgyal Wangdi. The Namgyal Yang-drub rite proved very successful and Tshampa Yungdrung Wangyal foretold, “You will become my father in my next life.”

Later Namgyal Wangdi married Lama P.T. Khyimsar’s mother Drak-kar Kelszang Butri. Lama Khyimsar’s mother gave birth to 12 children out of which 4 did not survive from an early age and the other 8 (4 brothers and 4 sisters) are still living.

The brothers and sisters are also the blood-line lineage holders of their two monasteries, Pungmo Gön and Lhari Nyi-phug, both of which were founded by the Master Zhu Namgyal Drakpa. The family monasteries have been visited by many Bönpo Lamas. To mention some: Ku-dhun Tenpa Lodro of Menri Monastery of Tibet, Ghelong Yungdrung Tshultrim Rinpoche of Khar-na Ri-trod and Aa-dho Ponlob Rinpoche of Yungdrung Ling Monastery etc.

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